Area of Nijmegen

Overasselt is a picturesque little village in the municipality of Heumen in the province of Gelderland in the east of The Netherlands, is located on the river Maas and . The outskirts of Overasselt are rich in cultural and historical values and a nice varied landscape. The village has a small core of shops including a supermarket, greengrocer, butcher and drugstore.

The municipality of Heumen makes together with the municipality of Nijmegen, Wijchen, Groesbeek, Mook en Middelaar, Ubbergen, Kranenburg, Beuningen, Millingen aan de Rijn part of “Het Rijk van Nijmegen”. There is therefore enough to see, to visit and to taste when you are staying at our Bed & Breakfast in the east of The Netherlands. 

For business people is our Bed & Breakfast in Overasselt very interesting given the rapid connection with the A73/E31 en de A50. Important cities like Nijmegen (2,5 miles), Arnhem, ‘s Hertogenbosch en Kleef (Germany) are nearby our Bed & Breakfast.

Nature in Overasselt

In nature reserve “De Overasseltse en Hatertse vennen” located directly across the street of our Bed & Breakfast breed eighty bird species. The fens in Dutch called “vennen” have intriguing names such as Roelofsven, Heinven, Botersnijder en Uiversnest. In Total there are 26 little and big fens surrounded by sand and heath. On the edge of the nature reserve are small fields, meadows and mixed forests with many herbal plants. At the heart of the area is the (planted) coniferous forest transformed to heathland vegetation. This preserves the unique flora and fauna reserve. Plants like “Zonnedauw” en “Beenbreek” and animals like the “Kamsalamander” or “Levendbarende Hagedis” are some of the special species which can be found here. There are several ”dassenburchten” (badgers habitats) and 11 of the 16 species of amphibians known in The Netherlands.

Location Bed en Breakfast

The location of the Bed & Breakfast is an ideal starting point for hiking- and bicycle tours as well for horseback riding. Because directly on the other side of the street where our Bed & Breakfast is located you find footpaths and bicycle paths but also bridle paths which are leading you directly into the beautiful nature reserve! In the area of the Overasseltse fens are by The Forestry Commission a variety of routes marked. These beautiful routes take you through forest and along the heath and fens. There is also the so called “Wandelroutenetwerk Rijk van Nijmegen Zuid”, a practical network of hiking paths in the area of south Nijmegen. And of course there are also special bicycle routes like “De Molenroute” (27 km) with several windmills, “Maasroute” (25 km) along the river Maas and “De 3-Provinciënroute” (60 km) along 3 different provinces.

Activities in the area

Especially for you your hostess has collected with care all the tourist information of the Overasselt area. Hiking routes, bicycle routes, restaurants, museums, places of interest, activities and a lot more. She will be more than happy to assist you to visit, to participate or to book whatever you like to do or see.